Hossegor, France: Beach break surf action

After sleeping in the rental car on the beach after the Pirate Ship Beers & Brats party, I awoke freezing bloody cold in the parking lot of world renowned surf spot HOSSEGOR. There happened to be a world championship surf contest underway just up the beach from where we were parked. After a coffee and Pain au Chocolate, we rolled up through the dunes and checked out some of the best competitive surfers in the world surfing one of the best beach breaks. The waves weren’t ALL TIME, it really gets good at Hossegor, but good enough for a short video clip and a few photos… then we packed up and headed away from the scene, to rural Basque Country.

ULTRA BOWL II – Malmö, Sweden – Day 2

I know, it’s Vert season in Sweden right now, but we’re a little behind here at Confusion headquarters – we’ve been hitting up skate events and hardcore shows in different countries and putting out magazines. Rest assured, you’ll be seeing some insane Vert Attack 5 coverage on the site one of these days, but for now we’re going to flash back to the final day of the Ultra Bowl II in Malmö, Sweden.