The Ed Templeton Interview

…I went to the punk mini ramp near my house and they owner always played Minor Threat full blast. This time is when I became a real person. Before I was just a lost kid, with no real friends. I was entering a whole new world of music and skateboarding. My punk friends’ rooms were covered with flyers for punk shows, they drew pictures from album covers on their school folders. Skaters and punkers were a do it yourself group. The kids organized their own punk shows and made their own flyers, and punk ‘zines. Skaters made their own ramps, own skate ‘zines, organized our own sessions at different skate spots, and even organized a few local skate contests…

Malmö ULTRA-WEEKEND: Mini-Mega Ramp

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, August 20th, in Malmö, Sweden to be exact, they held the MALMÖ ULTRA-BOWL II, where they invited skaters from all over Europe and the USA. The event was two days long in the backyard style pool at the Stapelbäddsparken skatepark.