Conny getting chased by Gypsy, maxi intense!

More Concrete Flow for Mers Les Bains – Northern France

After we had built a sweet kidney pool in the lovely seaside resort of Mers les Bains on the northern french Atlantic coast last year we were invited to come back this year for more. The plan was to extend the street area with some kind of pump track around the whole park and mixing some street obstacles in there and just try to open up as many lines as possible.

Overview of the M & M bowl with Tobi Hees frontside slash grinding from the deepend into the shallow.

Winter Weekend in the Netherlands – Amsterdam & Eindhoven

With the 8th issue of Confusion Magazine finally at the printers, it was time to take a little break from the computer, and get out of the city, or country, for a little winter time skate or surf road trip.

Kidney Bowl – Mers Les Bains, France

Belgium based company Concrete Flow under the head surveillance of legendary Michel ‘Mike’ van der Ouderaa has just finished a nice kidney pool on the French atlantic coast 300 meters from the beach in a little seaside town called Mers les Bains.