Unconcrete Architects

Etienne Bouet aka EDA interview by Jonathan Hay about Etienne and Mathieu Claudon’s Unconcrete Architects project. Can you describe your project Unconcrete … Keep reading

Ross Brunton. Boneless

Meanwhile park – London

So the thing goes like this; me, Ross and Bromley met up with Jack and Dan in Brixton. The plan was to go to some huge bank in south London, but fuck! just started to rain. so where to go? fuck it, lets go to Meanwhile park, where there’s the infamous “Gonz gap”.

Dragonslayer featuring Skreetch – contest

Here at Confusion, we don’t usually give away other people’s stuff, we’re too busy giving away our own, but, we like Skreetch, he’s a total psycho and he rules, and we’re also down with Addikt Skateboards, a true skateboarding company that is struggling along with the rest of us and doing exactly what they want to do.