Konstanz Vert Open 2019 – Germany

Between June 20th-23rd the annual Konstanz-Open Vert Ramp Contest took place, propably for the 20th time. It started in the early eighties and stopped in the mid nineties, just to get resurrected three years ago.

This time the Platz 7 Ramp was bigger and gnarlier than ever. Like a nightmare from another decade – like Mad Max meets Animal Chin – and it’s lust for blood took the first rider out pretty soon. Shout out to Stephan and his broken collar bone, get well soon!

The contest went down sick as usual. The first three ranks got battled out between Bernt Jahnel, last years’ German Vert Tour Masters Johannes Thurn and Steffen Busam.

It was a really tough head to head fight til the last minutes of the final Jam session, but in the end Steffen shot himself into first place with rad head high airs, various hand plants, finger flip indys and sick boneless ones!

Bernt and Johannes got second and third place.

Words by Daniel Trendle
Photos by Jacob Wallmountainer

Thanks to all the riders, our sponsors, Frontline, Platz-7 and Uni Konstanz for bringing Konstanz back on the vert map!

Luca Fischer. Crail

Dan Slash. Transfer to truck bash

Johannes Thurn. Backside air

Bernt Jahnel. Sweeper

Bernt Jahnel. Frontside nose bone

Bernt Jahnel. 50-50

Johannes Thurn. Indy air

Steffen Busam. Backside air

Johannes Thurn. Backside air

Johannes Thurn. Stalefish

Steffen Busam. Frontside air

Luca Fischer. Madonna