BBB Truckstop – Ballina, Australia

Photos by Sky Guyatt @transitionphotography
and Graeme @graygrayz

“The word was out thanks to a good mate, so I packed my gear and hit the road from Coolenghetto down to the back streets of Ballina, I knew what was going down was going to be good.

I rocked up to a dark unlit street in an area I had never been, but you could feel the atmosphere pumping from the roller door of Truckstop skate shop as I walked up. The scaff had been set up outside with a high-speed roll in to the vortex and a line of rippers itching to hit it. It was heated and the vibe felt like a cage match with the sound of the tunes and everyone cranking warp speed down the scaff to the new feature, it was on!

This epic night all started with Grind Projects Free Crete comp in honour of #bluestoneDIY and @the_tannery_DIY. @Grindprojects put it out for every man and his dog to get creating with their DIY dreams. Best crete creation would win a free pour delivered from the Grind Projects legends.

Truckstop crew came through with the goods with the most insane structure and took out the win.

Shem Bragg. Frontside grind over the Loop. Photo: Graygrayz

Poured with blood sweat and love on the Wednesday then the Ballinas Big Butthole (BBB) was created, there were a few names given to this work of art. This vortex was created and then ripped to shreds on the Friday night.

None of this would be possible without all the hard work put in by Tony Chavez, Freddie Turmel, Brodie Sellars, Pat Dandy, Martin Rees, Nick Maughan, Peewee, Marc Ringe, Damon Cahill, Scott Walker and Kayla Matthews, Truckstop Crew, Grind Projects and crew who rocked up to support and make this happen.

Keeping DIY alive.”  – Sky Guyatt // @transitionphotography

Tony Chavez. Ollie Transfer. Photo: Transitionphotography

Martin Rees loop at BBB.
Photo @transitionphotography

Pat Dandy. Frontside lipslide. Photo: Graygrayz

Martin Rees. Backside loopride. Photo: Graygrayz

Jakob Robinson. Frontside loopride. Photo: Graygrayz

Tony Chavez. Loopride. Photo: Graygrayz

Isaac Roxburgh. Backside loopride. Photo: Graygrayz

Huddy. Carving over the Loop. Photo: Graygrayz

Nick Maughan. Stand up frontside grind. Photo: Transitionphotography

Jakob Robinson. Tailgrab of the parking blcok to wallkride. Photo: Transitionphotography

Brad. Backside loop. Photo: Transitionphotography

Jakob Robinson. Backside boneless off the parking block. Photo: Transitionphotography

Pee Wee. Backside Tailslide. Photo: Transitionphotography

Shem Bragg. Frontside Nosegrind. Photo: Transitionphotography

Pat Dandy. Frontside Lipslide. Photo: Transitionphotography

Brodie Sellars. Frontside Grind. Photo: Transitionphotography

Peewee. Backside 5-0. Photo: Transitionphotography

Tony Chavez. Slappy on the parking block to wallride. Photo: Transitionphotography

Shem Bragg. Standup frontside Grind. Photo: Transitionphotography

Kayla Matthews. Handstand Loopride. Photo: Transitionphotography

Shem Bragg. Backside Smith. Photo: Transitionphotography

Construction photos by Nick Maughan @nickmaughan