Guaje Skates – Bowl Contest – Gijón, Spain

Guaje Skates indoor skatepark & school – one year anniversary bowl contest. May 12th, 2018 – Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Photos + Film and edit by J. Hay


Lente. Crail air

Aitor. Madonna

Enrique Giles. Front feeble

Agus. Front feeble

Enrique Giles. Frontside nosebone

Aitor. Finger flip to tail

Aitor. Back feeble

Ibon Mariño. Frontside air

Ibon Mariño. Lien finger flip to tail.

Ibon Mariño. Nosegrind tail grab

Larrun Barrenetxeo. Frontside lipslide from the pool coping face wall through the corner

Lente. Eggplant

Sergio “Lente” Dotor. Frontside alley oop ollie

Parse. Sequence: Backside boneless off the wall

Captain Jairo and Pepe Nuñez from Torrelavega

Jhon Esteban from Columbia, now living in Basque country, aka Parse. Stalefish.

Parse. Stand up frontside grind

Pepe Nuñez. Crailslide

Pepe Nuñez. Frontside ollie

Pepe Nuñez. Frontside grind up the escalator and in

Pepe Nuñez. FSA

Victor Bolado. Front feeble

Victor Bolado. Frontside melon

Intensu. Front smith.

Joshua always has the most funky tricks. Rock Judo to fakie

Masters (35+)

Captain Jairo Garcia. Front smith tail grab

Captain Jairo. Stalefish

Captain Jairo. Frontside hurricane

Enrique Santibañez. Front smith

Foni Ardao. Backside Judo

Foni Ardao. Crailslide

Ivan Maroño. Layback frontside grind

Lolo Revilla. Caballerial rock n roll.

Lolo. Back smith

Lolo. Backside feeble to fakie

Jany Guerra. Layback frontside grind

Juniors (but qualified for the finals)

Abraham Tores. Stale fish

Kids (under 10)

Leo Sanchez. Frontside disaster

Adrián Moreno. Frontside air

Adrián Moreno. Frontside grind

Pro/Am (17-34):
1) Sergio “Lente” Dotor (Puertollano)
2) Parse (Oridiza / Columbia)
3) Pablo Carranza (Santander)
4) Pepe Nuñez (Torrelavega)
5) Larrun Barrenetxeo (Bilbao)

Masters (over 35):
1) Captain Jairo Garcia (Torrelavega)
2) Enrique Santibañez (Torralavega)
3) Foni Ardao (Gijón)
4) Lolo Revilla (Gijón)
5) Ivan Maroña (La Coruña)

Juniors (11-16):
1) Abraham Torres (Santander)
2) Mario Arriaran (Santander)
3) Iyam Obaya (Aviles)

Kids (Under 10):
1) Adrián Moreno (Santander)
2) Leo Sanchez (Santander)
3) Félix Fraite (Gijón)

Sponsored by Globe, Element skateboards, Confusion magazine, Pro-Tec,, Mimaría hempworks, Hoax mfg, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Alien Workshop, Screwed Hardware, Independent Trucks.