Ultrabowl 4: Malmö, Sweden

Ultrabowl 4. Malmö, Sweden. Concrete skateboard madness. 40+ rippers from around the world. Brad McClain continued his Scandinavian pro contest sweep with the win. Malmö local Fernando Bramsmark took 2nd. And Kevin Kowalski, last years winner took home 3rd place and a broken spare rib.

Brodie Sellars. Transfering the channel. A couple hours before he snapped his leg and had to get a metal plate and pins inserted into his bone. Bummer, Brodie was killing it. Photo: Hay

Nanaqui Costa Beneyto. Feeble tail grab in the deep end corner. Ultrabowl 4 practice session. Photo: Hay

Mark “Red” Scott. Channel transfer hand plant. Photo: Hay

Julien Benoliel. Frontside nosegrinding the extension. Photo: Ramin Golmohammadi

Stu Graham. Front smith. Photo: Hay

Alex Foy. FS 5-0 over the loveseat. Photo: Roadie

Bjørn Lillesø. Boneless. Photo: Hay

Volker Lux. Inverted in the deep end. Photo: Hay

Johnny Sandberg. FS grinding the big bowl in the masters qualifications. Photo: Hay

Greyson Fletcher, Steven Reeves and Frank Faria. Photo: Hay

Brad McClain. Mute tweaker over the hip. Photo: Hay

Balder Lehmann. FS ollie. Photo: Roadie

Balder Lehmann. Powering a frontside grind through the corner of the deep bowl. Photo: Hay

Kevin Kowalski. Judo air over the channel. Photo: Hay

Danny Leon. Stale fish off the bank. Photo: Hay

Julein Benoliel. Backside ollie over the channel. Photo: Roadie

Cody Lockwood. Fingerflip lien over the channel. Photo: Hay

Brad McClain. Alley oop. Photo: Roadie

Steven Reeves. Backside tail over the loveseat. Photo: Hay

Mason Merlino. Backside crail. Photo: Roadie

Screeeeeech. Judo tailblock on the top of the vert bank. Photo: Ramin Golmohammadi

Oski Rozenberg Hallberg aka OSKI. Playing for keeps with the big boys. Backside disaster in the big bowl. Photo: Hay

Rion Linderman. Crail in the deep. Photo: Hay

Kyle Berard. Caballerial disaster revert. Photo: Hay

Nicky Guerrero. Master of the invert. Photo: Roadie

Kevin Kowalski. Fingerflip lien to tail. Photo: Roadie

Fernando Bramsmark. Frontside 5-0 grind. Or, let’s just call it a frontside grind. Fuck the 5-0. Big bowl corner. Photo: Hay

Fernando Bramsmark. Backside stalefish. Photo: Roadie

Colin Adam flew in last minute from Scotland. Hand plant in the big bowl. Photo: Hay

Josh Borden. Backflip 180 attempt. He almost pulled it. But almost doesn’t count. Photo: Roadie

Frank Shaw from the pacific Northwest showing his big bowl concrete skills. Stalefish in the corner. Photo: Hay

Brad McClain. Blasting a boneless in the final seconds of the finals. Photo: Roadie

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