Dope Planet Santa Session

“As the season of festivities come in full effect during this time of the year so does the Dope Planet Santa session which brought ghoulish looking elves an array of Santa look a-likes of all sizes and forms with the only purpose to shred the Dope Planet facility ramp. The session came through with tricks of all sorts as Elves and Santa’s pushed it to the max along with the wretched sounds of the season as the karaoke was in effect, then chaos reigned when Zorched Realm made a cameo appearance and transformed the sounds of joy to mayhem and destruction as the mosh pit destroyed everything in its path, all and all a good night with friends and family.”

– Dirk slasher 🎅🏽

Photos by Olga Aguilar

Simon Bannerot. Backside air

John Wier. Tailgrab

Ryan Spence. Frontside grind

Doc Holiday  – Saxon. Backside melon

Björn. Backside 50-50

Kiana Klein. Frontside grind

Keenan Witte. Crail disaster

Nolan Johnson. Invert

Noah Holmes. Backside air

Doc Holiday. Frontside ollie


Griffin Chase. Backside air

Andrew Hopgood. Roof grab to fakie

Doc Holiday. Backside disaster

Simon Bannerot. Backside air

John Wier. Madonna

Doc Holiday. Nose pick

Simon Bannerot. Layback frontside grind

Oliver Miro. Lien air

Veronica St. Jane

Griffin Chase backside air over Veronica 50-50

Griffin Chase. 540

Doc Holiday. Backside air

Texas plant

Payton Moriarity. Front smith

Backside air

Keenan Witte. Sad Plant

Keenan Witte. Sad plant

Adam Ruthless. FSA

John Wier. Lien to tail

Simon Wike. Backside air

Simon Bannerot. Backside air

Dope Planet Xmas Party