PNW Permission

Pools in the Pacific Northwest are hard to come by, but they do exist. Rain consistently deteriorates the coping, and the riding surface gets rugged. Shrunken Head Skateboards owner, Justin, brought me to a pool his friend owned and once I met him I hit it as much as I could. Luck for us this pool was in great condition, had great tranny and was a permission until the winter rains came rolling in. The stars were all aligning on this one. We got a few big sessions fired up but by far the gnarliest session was Max Clark skating the pool solo. They don’t call him “Danger Clark” for nothing. Now, the pool is filled with water and I’m stoked I got a piece of the action.

Photos and words by Ari Morris @ari.landon

Max Clark aka DANGER CLARK. Frontside ollie. Photo: Ari Morris

Frank Shaw. Deep to Shallow frontside grind

Joe Storm. Roll in.

Keith Powers. Frontside air

Max Clark. Body jar

Ari Morris putting the camera down to get himself a frontside grind. The best skate photographers are skateboarders.