Shaun Ross

“Shaun “the Boss” Ross is a bad ass. Shaun loves skateboarding, his family and surfing. Unfortunately shortly after his Thrasher intro part and his “Hall of Meat” clip came out, he blew out his knee. So here we are now, all healed up and starting to roll around again.

Billy barefoot roll-in. Photo: Steele

Cholo’s Bowls – Hawaii

Cholo’s Bowls are permission pools that sit deep in the foliage off the Kings Highway.


Rogersville DIY – Corpus Christi, Texas

Getting old sucks. One has to get a “job”, “be responsible”, hang overs get worse, healing after slams take longer and other lame “adult” like things. What doesn’t suck about getting old: Friendships grow stronger, one can start drinking any time of the day…