FDR – July 4th, 2018

Words and photos by Bran Monahan

Tired of your traditional “safe” Fourth of July? Are you over hanging out with your family at lame barbecues while your dad and uncles talk about the team sports you could never get into? Do you hate your annoying ass seven year old cousin, Ryland? Bored of safely lighting off fireworks while country music plays in the background?

Next year, skip all that shit and come to FDR Skatepark, where you can ride a skateboard, blow shit up under a bridge, and jam out to a bunch of local punk bands without all that whack ass “family fun.”

Jeff Rasp. Invert

@alderw no comply tailslide

Evan Breeder. Lien fingerflp to tail

Joe Uva. Frontside smith grind

Cody Roberts. Backside tailslide

@myhippystyle rock to fakie

Greg Pachell. Backside boneless

Joe Uva. Blunt to fakie

Greg Patchell. Heel hang

Greg Pachell. Invert

Andrew Metzger. Lien to tail

Greg Pachell. Frontside air

Front smith

Andrew Metzger. Frontside crailslide

Charlie. Airwalk to fakie

Greg Pachell. Frontside boneless

Joe Uva. Transfer

Joe Uva. Double flip to fakie

Unknown boneless

Greg Pachell and the sack tap challenge!

Greg Pachell. Another angle of the sack tap

@alderw also attempting the sack tap

Chuck Treece and his band playing a mix of songs from all of the members different bands

Greg Pachell dropping in with fireworks taped to the nose of his board