BERGFEST – MONSTER BOWL – July 16th, Münster, Germany

THIS SATURDAY, July 16th in Münster, Germany: BERGFEST – Battle of the Monster Bowl with tons of ripping skaters from all over europe & usa: John Magnusson, Anders Tellen, Jason Parkes, Ben Schroeder, Tim Bijsterveld, Emmanuel Guzman, Max Shrädder, Matt Grabowski and so many more. Not to be missed… get in the car and drive.. (unless you live in USA or Australia or Japan, etc. then you just have to wait for the gnar footage coming soon………..)
And this just in, Pär Mag, Mattias Nylen, Balder Lehmann and some other scandavian dudes just hit up Hamburg and heading to Münster and will be on deck drinking beers or in the bowl fucking shit up!

And if that wasn’t enough, the US BOMBS and McRad are playing park side after the contest!!
Ray Stevens II will be flying in from San Jose, California to DJ the contest and the after party! And playing an acoustic set in Cologne for the Tim Brauch video premeiere: SUPERCHARGED! at Stereo Wonderland on Monday. Non stop action packed long weekend! And we’re off…

Event sponsored by Confusion Magazine.