Vans Spring Classic – miniramp contest – Napoli, Italy

“For a perfect pizza (but let’s not speak about all the ones we had for dinner, lunch and breakfast, pizza how pizza was meant!!) good ingredients are the base. A bunch of sick skaters from all over the world, a well made mini-ramp (Ignoramps), a fruitful sunny place, fantastic food… altogether made a great event. The skaters were right on! With DJ Redbeard playing one great song after the other… among the hospitable, warm, creative local people, and with the enthusiasm of fans, friends and tourists, the recipe was complete!

…the full taste of Napoli… pizza, pasta, fresh caught fish, super tasty tomatoes, oranges and lemons all around, and limoncello…

…together with the beautiful views, islands, parks full of Mediterranean flora, medieval castles and city walls, fountains, old buildings, an outstanding volcano and endless blue sea…

On Saturday night there was a free concert of the Hives. Unfortunately we missed it, since we were eating pizza with the guys of Share Magazine. After that, the most unexpected after party was going on with the support of a drive by local bar, a group of mixed people: locals, tourists and skaters, dancing altogether to an Italian summer hit from a few years ago, Cocorico.

And then the finals…. awesome high level of skateboarding!”

Photos: Nicola Debernardi
Words: Nico & E.


Mason Merlino. Firehydrant bonk transfer.

Mason Merlino. Firehydrant bonk transfer.

Dannie Carlsen. Kickflip disaster.

Dannie Carlsen. Kickflip disaster to fakie.

Mason Merlino.

Mason Merlino. Crossbone.

Martino Cattaneo

Martino Cattaneo. Boneless over the hip.

Nick Bax

Nick Bax. Flying high again….

Alex Halford.

Alex Hallford. Front smith.

Danny Leon.

Danny Leon. Lien air.

Szymon Stachon. Tail block.

Szymon Stachon. Tail block.

Danny Leon

Danny Leon. Melon grab.

Björn Lillesoe

Björn Lillesoe. Frontside grind.

Dannie Carlsen. Frontside grind.

Dannie Carlsen. Nose grind to fakie from low to high.

Daniel Cardone

Daniel Cardone. Lien to tail smack.

Andrea Valle

Andrea Valle. Smith through the corner.

Danny Leon.

Danny Leon. Boned out Boneless one.

Robin Bolian. Nosegrind tailgrab.

Robin Bolian. Nosegrind tailgrab.

Simon Sal

Simon Sal. Body varial.

Bjørn Lillesøe and Simon Sal. Double trouble.

Bjørn Lillesøe and Simon Sal. Double trouble.