Best of Both III – Wooden Combi bowl – August, 2010. Düsseldorf, Germany

Best of Both III took place in Düsseldorf, Germany late August, 2010 at the newly built Combi bowl, which Dietsches created and added a second steeper, tighter section onto the old Factory Bowl complete with full pool coping, in contrast to the steel coping of the older Factory Bowl. The new bowl features a loveseat and an over vert cradle with a spine connecting the two bowls together. Last year half the contest took place upstairs at the pool replica OMSA bowl, but this year it all went down in one day (not two) down in the combi bowl.

Some full on pool style ripping was witnessed throughout the afternoon from locals and visitors from Belgium, Austria and other parts of Germany. Stand outs included Factory Bowl local Lensen, Roman “Asti” Astleitner (cover of Confusion issue #2) and Cradleboy from Austria, and Pavel Skateboards shredders Robin Mentrup, old school styler Dennis Degenhardt, bowl ripper Björn Klotz, ex vert pro Ingo Fröbrich and young gun Johannes Heist.

But at the end of the day, the top three spots went to Hoax Clothing riders Kevin Wenzke, Jason Parkes, and Koeki who were dominating the session with endless adrenaline fueled high speed lines throughout the combi bowls (check the video for proof). Also tied for third place was tech bowl ripper Thilo Nawrocki, (Thilo and Kevin Wenzke also skate for Pavel). So it was basically a Hoax…. Pavel Skateboards demo with a couple Austrian and a couple Belgium dudes thrown in for good measure.

Everyone had fun. Beers were drank. Hardcore skateboarding went down for hours and then most people realized, “skateboarding is a spectator sport”. Some people who will go unnamed didn’t want the party to end and went downtown Düsseldorf and brought some chaos to the streets until the police showed up and everyone scattered and disappeared into the night…. the end.

Photos: Jonathan Hay and Felix Buchholz aka Mr. Bookwood
Video: Hä¥wî®e

Koeki aka The Wizard from Antwerp. Power grind slash. Photo: Hay

Koeki aka The Wizard from Antwerp. Power grind slash. Photo: Hay

Jason Parkes. Frontside grinding the pool coping in the new section. Photo: Hay

Roman Asti Astleitner. Smith Grind. Photo: Hay

Robin Mentrup. Fingerflip to tail. Photo: Hay

Ingo Fröbrich. 5-0 in the combi corner. Photo: Hay

Toni Perrone, backside layback grind. Photo: Hay

Max Shrädder, DIY concrete builder from Stuttgart shreds hard. Pivot to Fakie on the edge of the oververt cradle. Photo: Hay

Lensin from Düsseldorf was also a standout ripper. 5-0 grind over the loveseat. Photo: Hay

This grom was ripping. Johannes Heist. Backside air off the combi spine. Photo: Hay

Kevin Wenzke. Back smith over the loveseat. Photo: Hay

Cradle boy, Mattias Trobos, blasting a big air in the old factory bowl deepend. Photo: Hay

Kevin Wenzke. Best trick which helped him earn the winning place in the contest. Padless 540 McTwist in the deepend of the Factory Bowl. Photo: Hay

Asti from Austria. Feeble to fakie over the loveseat after the contest, with Koeki and Yoeri from Belgium giving a little motivation.

Max Shrädder. Front smith grind in the Factory Bowl. Photo: Felix Buchholz

Björn Klotz with a huge transfer from Factory Bowl to the new section. Combi Transfer! Photo: Felix Buchholz

Robin Mentrup going big in the deepend of the Factory Bowl. Photo: Felix Buchholz

Quentin from Belgium. Finger flip to tail. Photo: Felix Buchholz

Björn Klotz. Footplant to Fakie. Photo: Felix Buchholz

A better angle of Wenzke's McTwist. Photo: Felix Buchholz

Wenzke. Not soo excited about his Rockstar Guitar he just won. Photo: Hay

Jason Parkes and son Killian. Photo: Hay

Antwerpians Koekie, Quentin, and Yoeri. Lurking on the overlook.

Matteo from the Shining.

OMSA dudes: Hans, Toni Perrone and Dietsches