Euskadi Skate Session

This last summer I drove in our VW bus from Germany out to Asturias, in the North of Spain, to check out the land, the people, the ocean, the skate scene and the general lifestyle of the region to see if we want to move there in the future. On our way back through Basque Country, I couldn’t resist to stop in at one of my favorite skate spots, La Kantera.

Here is a short session at La Kantera, as well as my first visit to the Gernika bowl, which is also super fun, although much mellower than the La Kantera Bowl. If you are in the Basque region, this should be top on the list. It’s almost like every skater should make a pilgrimage to La Kantera. No, not almost… you should. The place and the people are epic. And I’ll go back there whenever I have the opportunity. – J. Hay

La Kantera / Algorta

La Kantera Overview

Toni from Alicante

Lien to Tail at La Kantera. Toni from Alicante. Photo: J. Hay


At the point at Mundaka, you find an old church and a half pipe

Mundaka Lunch

Goat Cheese, pimento sauce, olives, calamari and some weird sea worms. Lunch time in Basque Country!

Mundaka Harbor

Between La Kantera/Getxo and Gernika is the ancient harbor town of Mundaka.


Independentzia for Euskadi! Don't mess with ETA.

Gernika Overview

A weird place for a skatepark. Gernika Overview

JHAY FS GRIND - GERNIKA one else was skating. JHay - FS Grind.