The Skate Commandments


Design, Photos and Text by Dirty Joaco 

This is a self iniciated project with a concentration on photography, collages and illustration.

The purpose of this booklet is to show love, support, representation and dedication towards skateboarding. In the last years our beloved activity has been growing and expanding worldwide demonstrating unification and acceptance inside and outside the community. Now it´s important to keep the track towards the right direction to develop skateboarding into something everyone can benefit from. After this year of pandemic that has been long and trying I wanted to create this print to showcase what skateboarding means and create awareness about the things involved in skateboarding not only on a physical but also on a mental level. The Skate Commandents is also a guide for skaters and non-skaters to understand the community better and show how we live. For the real G-skaters this is also a meditative book, a reminder of how beautiful and incredible our rolling boards are even if health can come in between sometimes.

You should never forget that every time you step on your board you are being supported by a community.

Additional Photos with captions and Locations  —->  THE SKATE COMMANDMENTS

The Booklet is available by pre-order just contact via Instagram at @dirty_joaco