Dietsches. Frontside grind. Benesse-maremne, Capbreton.

OMSA Tour De France

It all started five years ago when some dude from France posted photos from the Malmö Ultra Bowl contest… One of the photos was also of me and since then I meet Fred every year and he invites me to come to France. As I was only in a few places in France in all the years, the time had come! And I’m still fully stoked – so read on…

Anthony Mura. Front smith. CapBreton. Photo: Fred Ferand

New concrete bowls in Capbreton – southwest France

Capbreton is hard to figure out, hard to get some speed but after a while it’s really fun. The street park is really nice, and well done. Bénesse-Maremne is more fun if you like trannys. The Viking Blocks pool coping is perfect and the concrete is smooth with lots of lines and quiet surroundings.