Shaka Paka DIY – Hilo, Hawaii

Our town, Hilo, located on Big Island Hawai’i, has no skatepark. So we decided to make our own DIY skatepark.

Shaka Paka Skatepark is in Keaukaha, on an abandoned and forgotten concrete platform. This skatepark is funded solely by donations and assembled by volunteers. Together we have created a space that not only entices skaters, but is also an engaging space for the community.

We meticulously plan each ramp to create an optimal  skatepark. Currently we plan to pour two new ramps to extend the pump track. One will be up on the deck, and the other will be a corner along a rock wall. All of our ramps are made from concrete to withstand our rainy weather. So we are asking for funds to buy the materials we need.

The captivating sense of unity that everyone involved with this skatepark brings and experiences is truly what drives us to continue creating Shaka Paka Skatepark. We cannot thank you enough for your donations and for volunteering.

Actions speak louder than words. We post all plans and builds on our Instagram. Check it out to see what we’re building next!

Instagram: @shakapakadiy

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