Heidelberg, Germany

“I was writing for months with Arne (Boardstein) and he told me that they were working on rebuilding the old under the bridge park in Heidelberg, Germany. I was thinking to go there to make a few photos, because it’s so close to Heilbronn where I live, and Heidelberg is a sweet green quiet town. Then I was in Paris and on my way back I was thinking to make a stop to see how it was going with the construction. A crazy ride and funny culture clash in the train makes for a funny welcome into Schwabenland…. A bald camouflage guy with his small blond daughter and next to them a black kid who wanted to play… kids don’t know racism and hate. They are taught it.
Anyway, as I approached the bridge and saw the guys were finishing up the park made such things easy to forget. The only thing is the park won’t be open until June. It’s a very interesting question. Are you going to enter illegally and risk a short session or can you wait until the concrete is dry for a long session. It’s a hard question….” – Sergej Vutuc


Heidelberg, Germany. Under the bridge Skatepark built by Minus Pools.

Sergej Vutuc, testing out the fresh concrete with an
Alley Oop cess slide lap over the lip. Photo: Sebastian Kuberski

Sergej Vutuc. Layback Frontside rock. Photo: Sebastian Kuberski

Overview photos: Sergej Vutuc
Photos of Sergej: Sebastian Kuberski

Bonus Photos (“courtesy”) of Minus Pools:

Overview of Left Wall

Minus meister Matt Grabowski. Front rock on the barrier.

Arne Boardstein. Tailslide.

Grabowski over the bridgewall, under the brige. Photo: Steffen Fuchs

Burnside Bank