Greg Harbour – Confusion Video part

In coordination with his interview in Confusion magazine issue #22 is Greg Harbour‘s video part edited by Jeff Biedenbach from footage over the last two years, including the  footage of the photos that appear in the latest Confusion magazine.

Filmed by @slanteyes   @rude_judy_ and @bkeller32

Music by The Ridgelands “Livin’ in sin”

Greg Harbour skates for Plague Hardware, American Nomad, Speedlab Wheels, and Gullwing Trucks.

All photos in the print magazine interview and here by Cameron McEachin @snakeproof

Get a copy of Confusion magazine issue #22 (print edition) with the Greg Harbour interview here.

Intro by Bill Danforth “Nomad”

Greg Harbour. Crail wallride.

Greg Harbour. Melon pole jam.

Greg Harbour. Backside boneless.

Greg Harbour. Layback frontsmith.

Greg Harbour. Hurricane grind.

Greg Harbour. Crail at the Snakepit

Greg Harbour. Nose grind slappy.