El Gochu Skate demo 2020 – Noreña. Asturias, Spain

On October 3rd, a special corona version of the annual Gochu Skate event took place in Noreña, Asturias, a small town known for it’s pigs and Gochu fiesta where 100s of kilos of pork are given out to the inhabitants of the town for free. This year, because of the COV-19 pandemic, only five skaters could be part of the skateboarding action – the audience were limited and social distanced,  contact tracing preparations were made with names and phone numbers for all attendees and participants, and of course, as is the law in Spain, mandatory masks for everyone, except the skaters while on the ramp. It rained all weekend but stopped moments before the demo started. Que suerte!

Hopefully next year the virus will not be continuing to ruin our fun and the contest can return in full swing, as well as the after skate concerts and with everyone wanting to attend will be able to join the Gochu skate party!

Photos: J. Hay

Exhibición celebrada el 3 de Octubre de 2020 en Noreña
Organizada por HouseHold Skateboards


David Sanchez. Fakie noseblunt. Photos: J. Hay

Adrian Moreno. Frontside ollie from the extension.

Iyo. Frontside ollie to disaster on the extension

Ibon Mariño. Crail to tail

Guille Amago. Backside nosepick

Iyo. Ollie to fakie

Adrian Moreno. Stalefish

David Sanchez. Frontside ollie

Iyo. Standup frontside grind

Adrian Moreno. Boneless

David Sanchez. Fakie ollie to nose blunt

David Sanchez. Fakie ollie to disaster

Guille Amago. Half cab feeble

Ibon Mariño. Airwalk to fakie

Adrian Moreno. Frontside kickflip.

Gochu audience

Adrian Moreno. One foot lien to tail

Guille Amago. Frontside nose pick

Adrian Moreno. No comply tailslide

David Sanchez. Backside air

Adrian Moreno. Stand up frontside grind

David Sanchez. Salad grind

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