Greife Jam – Greifswalder DIY – Berlin, Germany

Text & Photos by Henrik Loos

Danny has been coming to our spot regularly since the beginning of the year.

Danny is a friendly big guy who likes dungarees and rattles through the park on big cruiser wheels. He lives right around the corner and is up for helping out at the Spot and has become a janitor of some sort. He is always friendly and greets everyone who visits the spot and makes sure everyone takes care of the spot and each other.

Danny and his young daughter went in search of berries to make jam in the summer. Because they were so successful with it and had an insane output, everyone at the spot was also allowed to grab a jar. The name Spotjam then crept up immediately, of course. A label was also quickly made by Charly, one of our tattoo artists.

Of course, the word jam quickly brings to mind a kind of contest in which you can win jam. And so, on a beer-soaked evening, the concept of this year’s contest at the Greifswalder DIY was quickly put together. Ihr Nacken!

The topic was put on the agenda. An organizing team came together. Hirschi, one of our locals and also a tattoo artist, designed the flyer for the contest. Jam jar on wheels . Logical. Prizes, drinks and food etc. were organized by the locals.

The main goal was to host an event where anyone and everyone can come and just have fun. No matter what age, if pro or beginner, if cis male or FLINTA.

The result was a schedule and a judging system that led to the creation of a safer space for FLINTAs on the one hand, with the cis male Section woven into it on the other. In the end, there were prizes for those who made the best use of the park, had the most fluid run, and banged out the most tricks. No matter how rad.

The cherry on top of the cake at the end were the Thousand Feet Board and Snowboard Challenge, as well as Best Trick on the new Banana Rainbow rail.

When Danny, our jam guru, finally unpacked his fire devil qualities and set the big quarter on fire, all hell broke loose.

When the day was over everyone was hugging each other blissfully, dripping with beer showers and mouthfuls of jam.

Greife Jam 2022 – Berlin, Germany

Filmed / edited by Charly Riege

“Spot sei Dank” –  Skate jam Jelly

Roland Hirsch ollie over Nils Hansen

Liam. Blunt transfer

René Hack on the Greife Jam extension

Martin Melior. Frontside hurricane

Johannes Hirschmann. Foot plant off the fence

Floriane Eilemann. Backside nollie

Lucia Cortes. Rock’n’roll

Lucia Cortes. Frontside cradle loop carve

Hannah Baumbusch. Nollie shuv-it disaster

Roland Hirsch. Frontside ollie over the loop

René Haack. Frontside over the door

Drew Etzkorn. Backside disaster on the extension

Julian Dykmans. Switch blunt

Deo Katunga. Backside ollie one-foot

Florian Porath. Layback air

Marlon. Backside disaster tuckknee one-foot

Julian Dykmans. Frontside ollie


Fay-Marine Heuer. Ollie south to 50-50

Lucia Cortes. Powerslide on the wobble

Brody Polinsky. Backside cradle loop

Julian Dykmans. Frontside crooked grind

Charly Riege. 360 flip with the challenge board

Osvaldo Palma. Blunt kickflip to fakie with the challenge board

Martin Melior. Rock to fakie with the concrete snowboard

Matthies Otto. Backside nosepick with the challenge board

Alex Siegfried. Belly coffin on the rainbow

Martin Melior. Fire time

Martin Melior. Rock to fakie with the concrete snowboard on the fire

Dave Morgan. Frontside hurricane

Deo. Kickflip grab to fakie

Deo. Backside heelflip grab

Malte Noack. Mute grab fire laybak

Dave Morgan. Frontside lipslide

Winners: Lucia Cortes , Hannah Baumbusch, and Anna Gleißner

Danny and his daughter. The Jam creators


Intern Artwork by Dirty…