Wollmatingen pool: Konstanz, Germany

The bowl is located in Konstanz, southern Germany. The construction company is Bowl Construction from Switzerland (they also built Hard, St. Gallen and München Hirschgarten to name the good ones). The measurements are: 1.60 meter (5’3″) radius and height in the small pocket, 1.80 meter (5’11”) radius and height in the middle deep pocket and the sort of square section has 2.30 meter (7’6″) radius and height with a few centimeters of vert, but not really vert though. It came out really good. Come check it out someday. Piper

Chalk drawing

Flat bottom

Shallow end

Flat bottom and the bowl

Metal coping. Pool coping would have been better. Always...


Jörg Schaller


Alex Aridov




Pudi airing the hip

Photos: Piper (www.pipeshots.com) or

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