Mimizan Bowl Contest – France

Filmed and Edited by Alberto Scattolin / Slappy Agency
2nd edition of the Mimizan Bowl Contest with Vincent Matheron, Jaime Mateu, George Poole, Aaron Penna, Madeleine Larcheron, Melvin Abdou Salam, Peter Boccalini, Stan Palha, Gabriel Bloch-Golliot, Lukas Larrue, Maxence Iribarne and many other riders!

Bowl built by Zut Skateparks and designed by Hall04.

Sponsored by the city of Mimizan, Vans, Dickies, Pro Tec, Nixon, Collapse Skateboards, Graw Jump and Seventh Door Skateshop.

Vincent Matheron into 1st place. Photo: Clement Le Galle

Jaime Mateu. Nose bonk to fakie off the barricade into second place.

George Poole. Madonna for 3rd place Photo: Clément Le Galle

Melvin Abdou Salam. Ollie to fakie. Photo: Clément Le Galle

Jaime Mateu, switch boneless in

George Poole. Backside blaster

Max. Crailslide.  Photo: Clement Le Galle

Kristen. Big frontside air for the groms division

Madeleine. FSA for the girls

Jaime Mateu. Stalefish. Photo: Clément Le Galle