GNAG GNAG…Who’s there….. It’s me, GNAR GNAR…

Legendary skateboarding team called Country Boys (from Hauho, Finland) and German’s leading Adult Sex toy retail company Dildoking decided to join  forces and start a kick-ass collaboration.
This is the first time when a porn/adult toy shop and skateboarding team are doing “something” together. It’s rare and it’s beautiful!


The collabo is strongly associated with Country Boys‘ upcoming movie FUCK THE WORLD (will be released on summer 2021), which has been filmed over the last five years. Dildos, skateboarding and strange team riders is a perfect combination which will strongly support Fuck The World-movie’s marketing and at the same time Dildoking will be shown for a totally new market segment of “adult skateboarders”. Country Boys and Dildoking are quite sure that only the sky is the limit with the opportunities this collabo can bring for both!

Looking forward to have the celebration party at Dildoking‘s premises… Maybe some kind of Skateboarding & Dildos type of tournament will follow as well?? (STAY TUNED!!!!)

Frontside Crailslide

Eeron. Backside Wallride

Wallride doubles. Seville, Spain

Kymis. Frontside transfer over the channel

Well, what the hell is this whole thing about?!

Kymis: “I must take some credits of this collabo. The whole idea has been driven by my enthusiasm for Dildoking‘s logo and other kick ass marketing material. One day I had a hilarious wine filled feeling that I should contact Dildoking and sell an idea of the collaboration to them – and I just did it. Of course the other team members have been boosting and supporting to get this whole set really done. Everyone of us was committed with 120% mind-setting to do this shit real”.

Eero. Bean Plant. La Casita DIY. Spain

Miska. Backside Tailslide. La Casita DIY – Spain

King Ruke. Ollie through the bush. Seville, Spain

The whole case had a first punch at Berlin in 2016, where Miska was doing some exchange studies + practical “intern working”. Miska won the nationality of Hauho in the opening tournament of the Hauho skatepark in 2013. After this he has been affiliated with the Country Boys. The Country Boys team members Jave, Eero, Pena and Kymis visited Miska‘s 15 square meter student apartment at Berlin. It was a long weekend with the purpose of kicking “Fuck The World”-production into full gear. The weekend was packed with skateboarding activities and other shenanigans. Pizza box mattresses, robust musk that marinaded the student apartment, loud noises to keep the neighbours updated that a group of asshole bastards from Hauho were “in the house”. The camera memorycard saved quite a bit of footage and the human brain memorycard lost some footage after all the shenanigans. The streets of Berlin were covered with Dildoking advertisements that summer. Advertisements that featured a very unique logo consisting of three masculine figures. Some stickers were to be aquired in order to share with the Country Boys-team in order to preserve their masculine and robust way of life and skateboarding. The last week of his exchange studies, Miska and his friends went to the Dildoking outlet store to get their hands on some unique stickers with the fallistic Dildo King-logo. The stickers were aquired and brought to Finland.

Kymis. Madonna. Seville, Spain

Couple years later Kymis was having a beer at Miska’s place and the boys were thinking about the Berlin tour and the Dildoking stickers were mentioned again. After this discussion Kymis sent “fan post” to Dildoking and asked would it be possible to get more stickers…. Well those stickers were gotten inside a letter within one week!!!!! Quite a hype again, uh!

Then it took again couple years, and March 2020 Dildoking was contacted via Instagram by Kymis and his glorious idea to create somekind of a collabo with Dildoking&Countryboys. Dildoking replied and seemed to be interested. Kymis presented an idea where Dildoking would order boards with Dildoking and Countryboys logos for the team and Dildoking would get a “mind-blowing marketing video” with full of dildos and skateboarding…. and additionally they would go the rights for the “dildo techno”-song. It took a while before the Dildoking’s CEO gave the green light for this project – We were really going to do this!


Sculpture Doubles

After this we started the planning of the board order and the graphic designing started! Eero created an official logo for Country Boys.
Eero: “Kymis had an idea of some kind of crossed chainsaws but my idea was to create something better.. logo from the “real countryboy with a chainsaw”…. But for the dildoking’s graphic the “country boy” would hold the “MOTOR DILDO” instead of a chainsaw.”

It wasn’t a surprise that Dildoking loved this logo. The logo was drawn on paper and afterwards our multi-talent dude Viktor Palomäki (from fuccboy international) changed it to the proper picture file. BTW. Viktor is the main resposible guy also of the music which will be heard in the video. Anyhow Dildoking’s graphic designer wanted to check the graphic once again…. He returned with 5 new different graphics, which were all superious!!! We needed to pick-up two of those. We decided to choose “dildo spacerocket with a drop of sperm” and “Alles Fuhr Arsch” – graphics. These were insane!!!!

 Seville, Spain

The boards & graphics were brought and the printing  done at El Rio Grind’s premises (Thanks to Veksu!!!). Now we had the boards and we were ready to create the video and the song! YEAAAAH!!! Before starting the filming Dildoking sent us a big box of dildos, t-shirts, sex-swing etc. other nice merchandise for the epic marking material.

“Let’s not forget the filmer and editor King-Ruke. Ruuhari did an enormous job behind the camera and screen!!!”

Looking forward to get the Fuck The World done. At the movie’s premiere “left over boards” will be sold for all the hungry fans… if some profits will be gained those will be used to support our team rider Heikki Linnamaa and Finnish Agriculture. This will be done in the form of purchasing of new spare parts for his old and rough COMBINE HARVESTER. Can’t wait to see next harvest been done with improved machinery!!!!!!


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