Bonn Bash – Vert contest – 2019

Ingo Fröbrich. Melon to fakie

Not sure which edition of a halfpipe contest in Bonn it is, the 20th? 25th? The Halfpipe is existing since more then 27 years now at the same location, Rheinaue Bonn. So it is the oldest continuous halfpipe spot in Germany. And …Vert is dead? Hard question, uneasy statement. A lot of bowlriders ride vert, the classical halfpipe did spend a rather quiet life the last years… but dead…? Hell no!

How can you say something is dead if people riding it are still progressing, their own style and standard, sometimes even world skateboard standards.

A lot of letters before we get to the point.

Bonn Bash 2019 was great! Not because 100rd of riders attended, or you could win billion bucks. Because everyone rode the best he could and it was a blast to see how people got way better since last year. Because people around 45 fly so high in the sky that everyone is holding it’s breath.

Because people that did not ride for years come back and do classic doubles.
Because the vibe was good, the beer was cold, the music loud and the Würstchen hot. Because solidarity did not stop on the border between skateboard and bmx and what better ting could one see then a bmx rider flying high and no handed despite he broke is spine some few years ago.

Thank you Bonn crew for organizing this precious event, Independent, Spitfire, TSG, Creature, Titus Bonn for sponsoring and RB for supporting it.

Photography and article by Jo Hempel /

Ingo Fröbrich flying over Joern Schreiber

Flo Buss. Backside ollie

Ingo Fröbrich. Döbel flip

Backside air

Johannes Thurn heelflip indy

Sascha Büttner. Invert

Dirk Rösen. Backside nosegrind

Ingo Fröbrich. Lien air

Crew, skate and winner!

The event was presented by the assoziation SuBCulture Bonn e.V. Go to their website for more pictures.

1. Johannes Thurn
2. Marvin Bürmann
3. Jan Bartel
4. Dennis Seelige
5. Jim Romer
6. Florenz Buss
7. Marius Ochtendunk
8. Aries Riepelsiep
9. Alexander Grees
10. Sebastian Raus

1. Ingo Fröbich
2. Sascha Büttner
3. Daniel Beck
4. Dirk Rösen
5. Andre Langheim
6. Wolfgang Toth

Tag Team
Ingo Fröbrich und Jörn Schreiber