Fernando Elvira – German Art show Tour

Here is a short clip of my three-exhibition Tour in germany this summer. We edited it in one day at Confusion Magazine headquarters in Köln.

It was filmed by Piper, Sergej Vutuc, Jonathan Hay and myself on fairly simple cameras. A very low budget production but really high in fun, liebe and other vitamin-rich ingredients.

During my time in Germany I met very generous people who went out of their way to make the whole Tour thing happen. They never asked for anything in return, they just enjoyed the work and my energy, and were happy to just help bring it into fruition. For this, I am super grateful.

The logistics involved in bringing 300 kilos of artworks from the very South of Spain (almost North Africa) to Germany are complicated and it was only possible thanks to a few small companies especially Eswic (the Spanish and German distributors) and Screwed Hardware. It seems that these days either you sell your soul to the energy drinks corporations or you find yourself in financial barren land. Well, fuck that.

I can´t associate my name and my work to any of those companies because they straight-up sell poison to the youth. So I feel pretty stoked we pulled the entire project off without compromising the integrity of my message. If there is a will, there is a way.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece. There will be a rad interview published here soon and maybe a few more video clips.

Stay active and appreciate the small details.

Danke filma,


Photos from the third part of the Faith Software Actualized art show tour of germany:

All artwork by Fernando Elvira
All photos by J. Hay

Full interview with Fernando Elvira coming soon to Confusion Magazine… stay tuned.

Fernando Elvira – Faith Software Actualized – Germany 2012

Edited by Jonathan Hay & Fernando Elvira