Lohse Ramp Party – Cologne, Germany – 2018

“I’m always happy to be involved in such a rad community event run by a good group of people. Great event, great day with the band, and the skating was ridiculous. Everybody killed it – the kids, the girls… the level was really good and the atmosphere even better, plus the abundance of fantastic german beer! I hope they can keep the Lohse parties going every year and grow on it, they have a great spot and ramp and community. Yeah Lohse crew! Thanks Tim and Lennart and Tobi. See you guys next year. Yeah!” – Rohan Anderson

Photos by Mr. Bookwood @mr.b00kw00d

Tom Schulze. Lien air on the extension. 1st place

Konni Neuwald. Slob plant. 2nd place

Luca Fischer. Fronside hurricane. 3rd place

Marcel Weber. Backside melon over the hip.

Nils Neumeyer. Transfer from the spine to the extension over the gap

Ole Bustnes. Sweeper on the extension

MC Lennart Kiepe. Frontside ollie over the hip

Nils Neumeyer. Front smith from the extension to the escalator

Jan Wermes. Confusion’s favorite Lohse Ramp local since 2009. Stylish gap to high speed front smith around the corner

Tom Schulze. Frontside air over the hip

Luca Fischer. Crail air

Tom Schulze. Stalefish off the hip shot from the hip

Luca Windhund Fischer.. Transfer to fence pole ride down to deck to roll back in. Not sure if this was the make, but he made it

Christopher ‘Skubi’ Skubis. Stalefish

Luca Fischer. Front rock

Jim Romer. Stalefish

Damian Sobota. Andrecht in the bowl section

Vicky Winde. Texas plant attempt. Probably straight to the flat bottom but a valiant attempt nonetheless

Jana Malzkron. Sweeper

Lohse judges: Rohan, Tobi and Laurent.

1. Tom Schulze
2. Konni Neuwald
3. Luca Fischer

1. Elsa Werner von Rehn
2. Jana Malzkorn
3. Vicky Winde

1. Erik Gores
2. Kondrad Brock
3. Andres

All photos by Mr. Bookwood @mr.b00kw00d  @Lohserampe