11th street DIY – Spring Bash – Tacoma, Washington

New Photos by Bailey Walker

John Wier. Frontside ollie

Unnamed. Frontside air

FunkRitual. Kickflip over the rollin

Jonathan Wicklander. Lean to tail fingershove.

Unnamed. Frontside nosepick

FunkRitual. One foot rock’n’roll

Nina Aguilar. Backside disaster

2.Frontside grind into the roll-in

Alex Wilson. Frontside rock’n’roll

3. Rock to fakie seatbelt

John Wier. Backside Air

Photos by Olga Aguilar
Words by Dirk Slasher

11th Street

11th street DIY located in the city of Tacoma, Washington held its second spring jam fundraiser. Celebrating two years in the making of this DIY spot, locals and visitors gathered up to barge on the walls of the park and sounds of mayhem from local bands Motoboat, Vomitr, Malefaction and Insecure got the adrenaline pumping just in time for the best trick contest. All in all, a great day and money was raised for the pocket to be built ASAP. Thank you to the skate gods for a rad day and skate rats and demons who attended and all the sponsors that keep the northwest skate scene and spots alive.

The Band and the crowd

Andrew Hopgood. Invert

Dylan Cook. Frontside disaster

Tidal Wayde. Frontside grind.

John Wier. Lien to tail

Andrew Hopgood. Fakie crooked grind.

Jonathan Wicklander. Frontside air.

Nina Aguilar. Sweeper.

Winner. Boneless.

The method253
Never heard
Manifesto coffee
35th ave Skateshop
Northwest dirt bag

Intern Artwork by Dirty…