Yo! 2019 was time for the 10th annual skate tour of the Rozkurwiel Crew from Poland. Did we believe we gonna organize such trips for so long? I don’t think so. What’s more, we are not planning on slowing down. So maybe I should start with a short summary of all tours that we did? No. Who cares anyway? Let’s go straight to the point – Tour X! For a quick introduction, who was in the bus? We got old road dogs: Kwiatek (main driver), Strejli, Kuba (cameraman), Mojżo, Bączek but also some “not so often” tour guys like Moro (main photographer), Mały (who arrived from Norway just for a tour) and rookie Kalmar (first time in our bus). Of course myself- Kobi hit the road as well. I will not mention any names to often but I just wanted to let you know. So nine stinky guys in a rented bus. Here we go!


Berlin • Hannover • Haderslev • Kopenhaga • Malmö • Sztokholm • Bromölla

Our first stop was Berlin, so it was not a long ride for us (we started near Gdańsk, Poland). For the first time in our tours history, before hitting the actual road we decided to go for a before party in Gdańsk. What a brilliant idea! Haha. Anyway, after the party we went straight to Dog Shit spot in Berlin. One of the lads had some business in Berlin however he was sleeping all that time. I guess business did not work out… Skatepark was great for a warm-up morning session (we were there around 7-8 am). What happened there? Some tricks were done. Everyone was hungry for some action. However, Mojżo ate some fresh morning shit like an idiot and our photographer was standing in piss at some shabby place trying to shot one of the photos that you can see somewhere here. What a dedication! These were highlights. Next on the map was our classy spot for tours – 2er in Hannover. C’mon! You can’t go wrong with 2er! Never! Unless it’s raining! Haha. But it was not that bad. When we arrived, the weather was nice. Mojżo and I were trying to get the best out of it. There were also few lads from UK, which offered me some warm Jägermeister. Thanks to them! Cheers mates! It was all like in paradise but later the rain came. So for the rest of the day there was no other options then drink some beers (lucky for us the drink hall is just around the corner), hide under some roof and have some good old fun doing stupid shit. Very stupid. You can see on one of the photos.

On last year’s tour, the very last trick I did was 5-0 at Dog Shit spot. This year, it was first trick! What a metaphor for a never ending tour.

Moro was squatting in piss while shooting that picture. Full dedication.

2er is the best place on Earth!

Boys fighting with water. Water won.

As I mentioned, stupidity. Super Mario Kart on 2er.

Next morning, park was still a little wet but some session was cooking and first maneuvers were filmed. After that, still hungry as bears in the woods, we departed for next destination which was Haderslev, Denmark. The name of the skatepark is StreetDome. As you probably already realize, it was a big dome with a skatepark around it. And what was inside that dome? Ha, you would never guess. Of course, second (indoor) part of skatepark with really amazing bowl. All for free, open till late hours. Do you need anything more? For a night we found a really mellow spot next to the river. So far so good. But I need to mention that last year we were mostly in Spain where you can sleep naked even without your sleeping bag. I forgot in  Scandinavia nights can be a little colder. And that night I realized it. Painful way (for the rest of the trip I was sleeping in our bus). Silly me!

Recharging the batteries

Street Dome outside. Looking interesting.

Street Dome inside! How is it possible?

Camping time

More stupidity

Copenhagen! I love that city. CPH is the best. There was no time to waste! First spot – some ledges, pads, stairs around some offices. Amazing. We met there some other crew of Polacs so cheers to them! You guys were ripping! And then… it started to rain… We were not sure what to do. I’m not sure if there was ever more than one day of raining on any previous tour. What’s more, we are in Denmark so beer is not so good. Of course we bought some extra beers in Germany but it might not be enough. Turborgs will do the job I guess… So I suggested indoor skatepark. We went there and it was closed for a summer. No!!! How dare you?! So we hit a diy spot under the bridge. It was mostly wet but you could skate one quaterpipe. Better than nothing. I did my classic tour move – footplant on some pillar out of quarterpipe. There was another night next to some lake. I was sure that morals will be low (it was raining all the time) but as I was surprised, the boys decided to make a fire! And sure they did. Standing in the rain, next to fire is definitely a cool experience.

Strejli – boardslide on first spot of Copenhagen

Filming some lines

Spot which allowed us to skate a lil bit at least. Crazy DIY spot. Last time I was there, it was all wet and I hit my head. This time it was more fun.

Copenhagen day 2! Weather looked promising but first things first! Breakfast in IKEA! Cheap hot dogs and as much coffee as you want. After that you are ready for 100%. Hullet DIY! Oh yeah! I wanted to visit that place so fucking much! My dream come true. Checked! I wanted to ride through the deathbox with beer cans inside, however they were destroyed. But still, sun was burning so the session was going. Boys needed to use all the power to get me out of that place. Next was a set of spots: white bank around some basketball course, big zebra, skatepark on red square, kebab and some other skatepark. All I will tell you is that, one lady who was talking with us, told us that around the neighbourhood there might be some gang wars with shooting. So if you are there, better watch your back homie. What’s more? On the last skatepark Mały fell pretty hard on his hand. Warning! Spoiler! It turn out that the hand was broken. On the way to Christiania we went to Fælledparken skatepark but I don’t have anything interesting to say about it. We left as soon as some young ripper broke his foot. So for the evening chilling we went to Christiania and boys split into two crews: sweat team (skateboarding) and chilling team. I was in first group and don’t regret anything! Alis Wonderland was almost empty. Place was on fire. I’m not the biggest fan of wooden bowls but that time was magical. Damn. Perfect end of the day in Copenhagen!

Hullet DIY! Yeah, finally! I did my laundry there as well.

Mały. Heelflip. Session there was on fire.

It was hot as hell!

Boys at the zebra spot making some decisions.

Kalmar. Backside flip on zebra. Sorry, I don’t know the real name of the spot.

Polish WWE league. Unmasked but drunk.

Mały- 50-50. Calm before the storm. Few minutes later his wrist was broken.

Kobi. Line with pole jam in the middle. Check out how mellow the cameraman looks like. Seems not to be impressed at all. Haha!

Kobi. Grind over stairs. Somewhere in the background some kid was lying on the ground with a broken leg. Not very optimistic view.

Christiania. I still can’t believe that Simon Bannerot did that loop. He’s an animal.

On our way to Malmo we hit another skatepark in Denmark but we all know that a lot of goodies would be waiting for us in Sweden! In Malmo we skated Vans skatepark. I still can’t believe what I saw a few years ago at Vans Park Series. Anyway, the park was so good! Wish I got that spine but it was time to get to the next spot. We stay at skatepark near the bridge to CPH. There was a park with rabbits running around and some showers with the coldest water on planet Earth.

Skatepark in Denmark on the way to Malmo.

Vans skatepark. It was a nice feeling to skate it after these crazy Park Series contests.

The next day, we hit different street spots. Maybe let the photos do the talking. Haha. But I will say one thing, when I was skating at Stapelbäddsparken some kids asked me “did you build that park?”. I was a little confused but politely replied “No! Why?”, “You’re from Poland”. So stereotypical! Haha. Bus full of workers from Poland. That’s what people are probably thinking about us.

Strejl-  lipslide on wooden boxes

Boys chilling next to some art obstacle. Fun fact: that thing was on a cover of one of first Szrot zine!


I was very interested about Stockholm. I didn’t know much about skate spots there. What do I know now? I know we should spend their way more time! Skatepark under the bridge looks like perfect spot for bums. The vibe was amazing. Bowls, street course and other funny stuff. After that we hit next skatepark with huge bowl with additional extensions. First action we saw, was some older guy doing invert on that giant wall. Fuck! In Poland there is probably no skaters at that age (so far) and definitely no one would be able to do such trick. Sweden has very long history with skateboarding and you can see that. For our crew the most fun was some kind of ditch. American dream! We were going down one after another. And repeat. Boys were smiling and that’s what skate tours are about. To finish that wonderful day we visit Brotherhood skatepark. When we went there, session was going hard. A lot of people! All kind of. I planned to first eat something but after 5 minutes of watching I was too fired up! So I grabbed my board and went with the flow. Energy was high. Fully recommend.

Kobi. Frontside ollie under the bridge in Stockholm. Probably my favourite photo from this tour. Kuba shot it (and others in this article) on old Zenit camera.

Crew riding some ditch. We had so much fun. Just riding down like idiots.

For the last spot in Stockholm we visited again Brotherhood. This time it was empty (we went there in the morning) so session was more mellow but still great. You could see Rozkurwiel lads are tired already. Next day we had our Stena Line ship to Poland. So we needed to find some spots near Karlskrona. After a few tricks and some beers it was time to go to Bromola. 6-7 hours of Japan Jazz Pop and we reached our destination. Skatepark over there was small but was surprisingly fun. It was last skating on Tour X.

Kobi. Boardslide on Brotherhood skatepark. Believe me or not, but I was never doing boardslides. Never. And all of a sudden I’m doing them on every spot.

Bowl at brotherhood. I saved frog over there!


Next day we get up at 5 in the morning and set off to Karlskrona. We expected 10.5 hours of a boring trip but we could not be more wrong. It is hard to imagine a better way to finish that anniversary tour. It was fully party. We drink a lot, play bingo and music quiz, sleept under the stairs… What’s most important our main driver – Kwiatek was on fire and became a king of that ship! And you know what? He deserved it 100%! Rozkurwiel Tour X ended. But that’s not the last word from the crew. I’m sure about it! 

Article by Kobi
Szrot zine

Living like a kings! We had breakfast on Stena. After 9 days of touring? Figure it out.

Rozkurwiel Tour X is done!