Ville La Grand skatepark – France

In the highly specialized field of skatepark archeology, the stream of inspiring discoveries flows without an ebb. It goes without saying that the unrelenting efforts of skatepark archeologists, highly qualified specialists in their own right, confirm the omnipotent mantra that conceives the inconceivable, manages the unmanageable and constructs the unconstructable: “It is right as long as it belong to skateboarders (not the cities)”.

2ER D.I.Y JAM – Hannover, Germany (Part 1)

On arrival I don’t think anyone really knew what we were getting ourselves into for the following week back in early June in Hannover, Germany. The basic concept was that the 2er [tsvi-er] crew had the idea to invite D.I.Y skate crews from all corners of Europe to come to their spot and each team would be given three days to build something.