Skatanic Disciples – Volume 2 – “At War with Skatan”

At War With Skatan is a full length VX video based out of Niagara Region, Canada. The video took two years to film but another six months to publish. Every journey has its ups and downs, but filming in a ton of places around Canada/Ontario with my friends and meeting Ian Mackaye on our D.C. trip were certainly some highlights. Some familiar faces from the last video and some new ones, including Kyle Porter who filmed his first ever part.

A heavy soundtrack to fit the big personalities in this video is sure to please your senses. A couple of the photos took place at the “Arizona DIY” north of Toronto and a bunch of footage there is in the video. Huge shout-out to those boys for putting work in for the community.


Kyle Porter. Backside flip: he broke his board a good couple tries in, soaked it, slammed about ten times and ended up riding away with my broken/soaked board. You still owe me KP!

Alexander – Kickflip: the only photo I have to show of myself during the two years of filming, stoked how it turned out.

Branden – Frontside grind. How much more vert do you want?

Group photo: so happy to have met Jake Ballah so he could capture this precious moment of almost everyone core involved with the video on one session.

Kyle Porter – Backside Krook: it’s hard to capture how much style this man has, this photo just about does that but the clip is even better.

Shoutout to Dustin, Brandon, KP, Griffin, Jake, 501, and McVey for being supportive homies over this journey.