Ultrabowl III: Malmö, Sweden

In the 3rd year of the Ultrabowl, they decided not to have the contest in the ‘backyard’ pool, but instead to have it in the whole park (except in the pool). Skaters from all over the world attended and as could be expected, some serious shredding went down. I wasn’t there this time as I decided to explore the previously unvisited lands of Croatia and Slovenia, so there’s not much for me to say, except look at the photos and click the link to watch any heat you want.

Brad McClain. Photo: Ramin

Braulio Sagas (from Chile). Photo: Ramin

Cody Lockwood. Photo: Ramin

Josh Mattson. Photo: Ramin

Sky Siljeg. Photo: Ramin

Kevin Kowalski. Crail on the vert wall. Photo: Eken

Brad McClain. Blut to Fakie on the flat bank. Photo: Eken

Dave Toms. Invert in the deep bowl in the Master's division. Tomsie runs Concreatures and helped build the park in 2005-2006. Photo: Eken

Kevin Kowalski. FS Air transfer. Photo: Eken

Balder Lehmann. Boneless on the bank. Photo: Maria Libirta

Cody Lockwood styling a stalefish over the loveseat on the bank. Photo: Maria Libirta

Josh Mattson blasting RPG fueled boneless off the bank. Photo: Maria Libirta

Kevin Kowalski. Lien air over the loveseat on the bank. Photo: Maria Libirta

Nickey Guerrero. Invert in the big bowl. Photo: Maria Libirta

Steven Reeves. Floating a lien air over the loveseat. Photo: Maria Libirta.

Steven Reeves. About to go to Disaster on the flat bank wall. Photo: Maria Libirta.

Heat 2 of the Semi Finals (video by WallenMedia)

Skreetch, Mattias Nylen, and Ben Hatchell

You can watch any other heat from the entire contest HERE.

Top Ten (if you care who won):
Kevin Kowalski
Brad McClain
Ben Hatchell
Cody Lockwood
Steven Reeves
Andy Macdonald
Fernando Bramsmark
Mattias Nylen
Benji Galloway
Josh Mattson

Nicky Guerrero
Sean Goff
Paul Atkins
Lester Kasai
Sasha Steinhorst
Dave “Tomsie” Toms
Johan Berglind
Dirk “Shorty” Rassloff
Txus Dominguez
Chris Lonergan