La Digue session and Guy Le Tattooeer x La Digue DIY board release

A few months ago, Dominique from Boom-Art suggests us to make an exclusive run of skateboard to help La Digue DIY. We immediately thought about our brother Guy Le Tattooer to realize a design inspired of his artwork he made at the spot. After months of hard brain storming, we decided together to organize a huge session to celebrate the board’s release. So, BBQ, live blues music, cash for tricks and tons of really cool people, made this party a great succes.

The skateboarding level was huge and beer level as well! We were so pleased to have friends coming from everywhere. Besides being amazing, 50% of benefits of boards sales will go to La Digue DIY to improve the spot. So we invite you to go to to check this great work and why not grab a limited run board Guy Le Tatooer X La Digue DIY. You are welcome at home at La Digue, see you there!

Words by Nico Barbe
Photos by Fred Ferand


Guillaume Tardieu. Back smith


Damien. Frontside Ollie


Yoan Malvoisin. Backside 50-50


Jeremy Grousset. Fakie nose pick.


Noa Marchetti. Backside boneless


Thomas André. Frontside nose grind


Thomas Pernice. Frontside grind


Dominique Baconnier (Boom Art) frontside grind


Guillaume Challet. Backside smith


Gabousche. Frontside grind nosegrab


Mike Kalfon. Rock to Fakie on the Rock


Backside feeble


Nico Barbe. Handing out cash for tricks next to the tomb of Chez Claude DIY