Beastmode – Denis Supersaxo

Denis Supersaxo gets in this special mood, his Beastmode, when he’s just cruising the Beast DIY and sticking all his signature moves … Keep reading

Simon Karlsson. Frontside feeble grind. Skärpnack, Sweden. Photo: Niemho

Brotherhood Plaza – Skarpnäck, Sweden

Brotherhood Plaza is one of the first skate plazas in Sweden with more than 1600 square meters to skate. With grass gaps, curbs, banks, hips and even a bowl this D.I.Y park is surely worth a visit. With a colorful mix of obstacles the founder, David Krug, in collaboration with Stockholm City and the local community, made sure that there will always be new lines to be discovered at the plaza. With more of an urban vibe going on this plaza is frequently visited and cherished by most skaters in the Stockholm county and also a must tour-stop for skaters passing by in the area code.