How much Art can you take? Daniel Trendle Exhibition – Horst Klub

How much Art can you take? Politics-Frustration-Depression-Violence-Skateboarding

From August 22nd to September 3rd the Horst Klub hosted an exhibition, including about forty dirty black and white drawings (some with blood), skate weapons, pool replicas and a sacrification altar. Heavy skate sessions went down as disgusted eyes glued to the ugly drawings like a disturbing car accident while KGW and Parkband 5000 delivered the perfect soundtrack on stage. Not even higher forces from above could stop it going down sending in a horrible thunder storm and trying to sabotage my work by leading a single jet of acid rain straight from the Klubs roof onto every single drawing piled up. Thanks everyone who helped making this mess reality, supported me in any way or just swung by! Special thanks to my wonderful curator Caro who kicked my ass and dragged me to do it in the first place, Horst Klub for hosting me, KGW and Parkbank 5000 for the gigs, Jonathan Hay and Bernt for the special support, Jacob for the gnarly pictures, Stadelhofer and Sacknasenflöte for building with me, Lisa for printing and everyone who took the time to come out!  – Daniel Trendle @mist_erwilson

Photos by Jacob Wallmountainer @j_wallmountainer

Wolfi inspecting the Pool-Replica

Ancient Skate Weapon ca. 1981



Sacknasenflöte frontside slider

Funeral Boy

Parkbank 5000

Keg Killer