Perth Pool Session – Western Australia

They don’t come too often, but when you get word of a good pool, that one session can make up for lost time. This one kicked off with Cory who gave the Soggybones Skate Shop’s phone a bell. Thank fuck we picked up. Old mate had just emptied the pool that happened to be next door to his place. Turns out the pool had been sitting there for five months, hadn’t ever been ridden and as we found out, the transition was solid. We only had a quick window to smash it before it got pushed so we rounded up a few Soggybones team riders and mates.

Pink Motel – 6th annual Camtest / Tuckfest

On July 25th, 2015, the 6th Annual Pink Motel Camtest/Tuckfest contest benefiting cancer charities and in honor of Dave Tuck who passed away several years ago after battling pancreatic cancer.

Team Trouble Contest 2015 – Laax, Switzerland

There’s actually not much to say about this event. Just that its goal is to get together as many good tranny shredders as possible in teams of four. It’s rather a group thing where the teams skating together is better judged than individual skating – therefore some pretty weird combos. And there’s a carnival Friday night where everybody goes, hence the weird costumes on some guys.