Boa Vida bowl – southern Portugal

It’s just a dream that came true. We had to work a lot to accomplish this. We had the outstanding support from some special people that believed in it. But sadly we had to fight and we still do with lawyers because legal processes are against us. Because we are dreamers, because we live our dreams we should fight for them, but don’t take us wrong we don’t like to fight, it’s such a waste of energy, we like to love and we made it out of love, we fight it with love, but you know, love does not pay the lawyers and fines that the local police (that always put fines on the cars from people who visited us and all kind of related fines) and the government gave to us and are still trying to destroy our dream, our skaters, bikers, tourists, surf clubs, surf lodges, surf schools and  especially the children. But we keep on trying to make them (local goverment and police) understand, that it is not wrong to make people happy, to bring some sport culture and smiles to people and they are still trying to destroy it. Either way, we made it one year, and we will celebrate on Saturday, September 17th.  YOU ARE WELCOME!