WASTED BOX: Shop opening party / skate / art show

Wasted Box is the newest and the best underground Skateshop in Cologne, Germany. With a full stock of skateboards, skateboarding paraphenalia and clothing from companies like Consolidated, Death, Platipus, Big Mess Skateboards, H-Street, Old Man Army and European brands like Minus, Yama, Heroin, Impakt, Telum, Maertyrer and more… and skate DVDs, hardware, wheels, and soon to be carrying underground skate magazines like Lowcard and Confusion…. Wasted Box is the shop to go to in Cologne, or from anywhere within a few hundred kilometers.

wasted box skate shop

In their own words from the Opening Flyer, Wasted Box has “more to explore than the sweet pink sugar icing of Skateboarding you see today at most skate shops or magazines… It has so many different views of passion, pain, and art, and this event shows a unique part of it.

Herr Schultze

Herr Schulze painted this out of his head standing awkwardly over the top of a ladder in 45 minutes

Last Sunday they opened their doors with an all day art/photo show from Brusk Collective (Belgium), Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn, Germany), and Herr Schulze (Cologne), with a freshly constructed skateable installation by Koet Construction (Cologne) that was the focus of the day and into the nights entertainment. Free beers and pot stickers were on hand throughout the evening as psychotic skateboarding raged on in the corner of the dirty, dingy cellar below the Wasted Box…. so check out the video and the photos…and next time you are in or near Köln, go check out the shop. Roonstraße 37, 50674, Köln – info@wasted-box.com – 0221 2054462. This is the beginning of a very good thing, that the underground skateboard world needs, especially here in Europe.

Brusk Collective

Brusk Collective from Belgium put up their DIY concrete skate structures and skate parks photographs

Manneken Pis interpretation - wood scultputre by Mike Van der Ouderaa

David "Conny" Conrads

Crazy Conny speed pump through the corner with his wheel and life on the edge

Herr Schultze & Sergej Vutuc

Herr Schulze (mad skater painting) + Sergej Vutuc (photographs + collage)

Tobi Hees

Tobi Hees

Hardcore skateboarding

Sergej Vutuc: Hardcore Skateboarding

Matteo - Bastard Suicidal


Aries Riepelsiep is some kind of a mad man. He was going for the plywood grind all night and pulled a few of them. He's also infatuated with rolling in on anything and everything. He even tried it here, but... the roof was a bit low...almost though.

Berna & Jan

Berna & Jan - guess which one is wilder and win nothing.

Jan wermes

Jan Wermes - half way through an alley oop (going from left to right)


Berna - Boneless. Careful of that Axe Berna....

Johannes Gabler with a rare frontside pump through the corner

Sergej Vutuc and Wasted Box opening attendees

Marcel Weber, the only one to air the corner

Haywire Photo had a wall

Wasted Box - Words, Photo & Video by Jonathan Hay