Fiesta des Ursulines 2019 – Bruxelles, Belgium

Every year, in the heart of Brussels, you’ll find the FIESTA DES URSULINES. It’s a fiesta in which good vibes and scandal reign at the same time with good belgian beers and apple juice for the jounger skaters. Skaters comes from all over Belgium and around the corner. Best tricks all day long with local rad music bands, see below.

Photos by Marsters photographe
Text by Szymon Stachon

Rafael Witowski. tuck knee over the hip

This year the FU19 took place in a different area in Brussels capital city. Jimmy Van Ruysevelt, a member of Skateboarders asbl association, who organised the Fiesta decided to relocate the event near the Tour and Taxis area in a place called BARLOK, this due to the difficult weather conditions.

Szymon Stachoń. Dog piss corner grind


Pim Noterbaert. Sweeper


Pim Noterbaert. fs layback out

BARLOK is a musical and creative place with an outdoor bowl built by the Mashers; a small bowl with rad and fast transitions. The concerts were done indoor with awesome bands like Mr. Marcaille (Heavy Freak cello – BxHell), Hetouht (Impro stoner psych desert rock – Liege), Kill Martine (Experimental Metal Punk Noise – BxHell), Liquid Zenith (Special sert Experimental – BxHell), Just Tise League (Hip Hop Rap – Namur), Gura (Doom Experimental Jazz Fusion – Gand) and Bengal (Garage Rock – BxHell). In the afternoon the tricks went down on the contraptions.


Pierre Jambé. Going into a backside layback


Jawad Berg. Backside lipslide




Damien Delsaux. Frontside flip transfer


Skateboarders association is proud to have seen you all coming once again to the Fiesta des Ursulines 2019 and we look forward to meet you next year for an even bigger and noisier FIESTA DES URSULINES 2020, full of crazy tricks.






Raphaël Detienne, Rafael Winkowski, Pim Notebaert and Damien Delsaux (who organised the FU the last five years) destroyed the bowl like no one else. Wall rides to grinds, transfers every hips and huge grinds. This year we had a far different Fiesta des Ursulines because of the different lcoation but it was the event to come and share, like it is every year. There was serigraphy (Hashët collective), brand new graf in the Ursulines square and an interesting project named Skate and Save ruled by Damien Delsaux and friends. – Szymon Stachoń

Jean Sébastien on the Sax.