Session at Beertards ramp – Kranj, Slovenia

“This is Kranj. The transition is tighter than it looks, there is almost no flat and the beer in the fridge is always cold. There are four guys paying the rent. Kovač the boss, Dani Way, Rowty and Keršič.

Maybe this ramp doesn’t look special to you, but it’s very special to a couple of guys who live in Slovenia where you can count these kind of places with the fingers of one hand. And if you cut one finger off you’ll get the number of skaters who don’t wear hair gel and who don`t skate on supermarket parking places. People will hate me even more for what I just wrote. Fuck them.

Anyway, the government or the city is not involved in any kind of way with the making and existence of this place, so it has a bright future. DestroyItYourself fuckers!!!!!!”   – Mičo

An educational video by R.O.W. Skateboards

One day after a really drunken night and a terrible metal concert… we went to Kranj for a skate session called:

Metal Pussies can Suck my Dick:

Artwork and edit by: Mičo
Music by (skate part): FSpit it Out” (slam part): Koro “Nauseous”