Båstad skatepark, Sweden

Båstad is a small town of 5,000 people on the west coast of Sweden, about halfway between Malmö and Gothenburg. These photos just in from Concreatures.

“It has a 1.8m deep pool, road barrier hip, flat bank hip, and a speed track around the pool.
Heaps of fun.” – Jezza, Concreatures Skateparks

They also just put up their new website, so check out their latest designs and construction at concreatures.com

Concreatures Tomsy. Standing proud at their latest park in Båstad.

Road barrier banks

Flat bank hip

Corner with square hip to blast over and noping wave banked against the outer speed track.

Båstad overview.


The Båstad Bowl waiting to be ridden.

Check out the construction of Bastad here.