Ballina Barrier Barge 2

Almost exactly 1 year after the first Ballina Barrier Barge, the Barrier Barge 2 was hastily organized and sponsors were rounded up at the last minute. The idea behind this DIY event is to shred the one obstacle in the Ballina skatepark that resembles a DIY spot, a lone barrier plopped atop a big bank.

Barrier Barge Ballina Skatepark – New South Wales, Australia

The concrete had just finished hardening and it was time to give the “improved” barrier a proper shredding so Tony Chavez organized the first “Barrier Barge” event at the Ballina Skatepark in New South Wales, Oz. A last-minute decision put this event on a sunny Thursday afternoon and Tony brought out plenty of beer and snags, with TruckStop Sk8 shop, Confusion Magazine, and the Free Beule campaign throwing in some merchandise for prizes.