Zarosh’s Cachagua Land – January 2011 update

Zarosh, Mark ‘Red’ Scott and friends have just finished a pour at Cachagua Land. The big bowl in nearly complete! Check Confusion Magazine Issue #2, back from the printers around end of Janaury, for a full Zarosh Interview!

Cachagua Land - January 5th, 2011

Sneak peek: Excerpt from Zarosh Interview, issue #2 of Confusion Magazine:

Tell us about the latest developments of Cachagua Land since we left off last time?

“The last time you or anybody saw much of Cachagua Land was 2008, and it was just that upper section and we were still mixing bags by hand. we got real lucky and have had Red and his crew volunteering and we’ve stepped it up to having cement trucks come out part way and climb the mud up the hill with a small tractor. we’re almost ready to complete the rest of the deep end and I’ve been using the slow pace to throw in as much rad shit as i can – wiring in speakers inside the bowl, a pump in the drain wired up to fill a future fish pond or hot tub and hopefully a garden soon; it’s becoming more than just a skate-spot.”  – Zarosh