Battle at the Block II – Seattle, Washington

Battle at the Block was held on July 21st in Seattle, Washington at the Cal Anderson tennis courts in Capitol Hill. Running on its second year now, the contest consisted of a different mini/vert set up from last year, divisions were as follows: non-sponsored, the witching hour (girls-trans), 40+ old men and shredders (pro).

Photos and words by Olga Aguilar

Xavier. Texas Plant


Spencer Coby. Andrecht


John Wier. Frontside tail Grab


Simon Wike. Backside boneless off the fence


Axel Glenney. Frontside sweeper


Jesse Lindloff. Frontside channel air


Frontside smith grind


Backside blunt


John Aguilar. Standup frontside grind


Frontside boneless


Backside early grab


Frontside grab


Slob grab


Jesse Lindloff. Saran Wrap to tail


Greg DeHart. Backside boardslide to Front rock


Frontside tuckknee


Nolan. Backside air across the channel


Xavier. Invert

All divisions showed all levels of gnar!

From the non-sponsored, all the way up to shredders Girls/Trans division is growing everyday with fearless rippers, you could even tell the old man division was amping their game from the scents of Bengay and icy cold floating around the ramp before the jam, fun filled day with family and friends.

Thank you to 35th North and Brixton for making an  epic day !