Ballina Barrier Barge 2

Almost exactly one year after the first Ballina Barrier Barge, the Barrier Barge 2 was hastily organized and sponsors were rounded up at the last minute. The idea behind this DIY event is to shred the one obstacle in the Ballina skatepark that resembles a DIY spot, a lone barrier plopped atop a big bank.

Although it always looked like rain would dampen the mood, the event went on until dark without a single drop falling. The parting of the rain clouds around Ballina made for some beautiful rainbows and dramatic lighting as can be seen in some of the photos. Ballina locals were joined by shred heads from nearby towns, some of which had never skated the obstacle before. Groms and old dogs alike, they all focused their aggression on the barrier and made the afternoon memorable, all demonstrating their different styles and abilities… from kickflips to nosepicks to slasher grinds, it all went down. Beers and sausages followed the setting sun as the judges unleashed their findings.  – Roadie

Highlights of the awards were as follows:

Ankle Wrankle: Jaden

Kids with Lids: Jasper O’Maly

Like a Virgin: Bram

Energy Drink Sponsor Pending:
Jakob Robinson

Kindergarten Cop:
Dylan McNamara

Pippi Longstockings: Tony Chavez

Slap the Barryer Ladies Man Award: Barry Robinson

Trick Daddy: Scott Standley

Go get an X-ray: Joey

Repeat Offender: Luke

Barger who went Larger: Blake Harris

And of course a huge thanks to all sponsors of the event who made this possible: Skullcandy, Truck Stop Skate Shop, Webster Surfboards, Confusion Magazine, Brett Jones Plumbing, Hoax Clothing, and Paradise Dent Removal.

Scott Standley. Backside Nose Blunt slide on the pot of gold. Photo: Christoph Maderer

Tony Chavez. Smithgrind. Photo: Christoph Maderer

Blake Harris. FS Blunt. Photo: Roadie

Scott Standley. BS Tailslide. Photo: Roadie

Tony Chavez. FS Nosepick. Photo: Roadie

Jakob Robinson. Backside Smith. Photo: Roadie

Tony Chavez. Layback smith. Photo: Christoph Maderer

Luke. Barrier Plant.

Tony Chavez. FS Ollie. Photo: Christoph Maderer

Photos Roadie and Christoph Maderer
Video footage: Josh Hamilton & Roadie
Video edit: Josh Hamilton