Alice in Warriorland full length video from Warrior Skateboards

Vans and Warriors Skateboards present:

Alice in Warriorland (2014)

Denis and Gilles Gallicchio (as Tweedle Dee & Dum)
Pero Jurkic (as Mad Hatter)
Igor Fardin (as The Walrus)
Livio Gritti (as Caterpillar)
Matteo Terrani (as Dinah)
Yari Copt (as White Rabbit)
Kevin Blaser (as Alice)

Directed and Edited by:
Yari Copt

Film by:
Yoann Hamonic

Photography by:
Alan Maag

Video Art:
Luca Montanaro

Additional filming:
The Warriors
Moris Freiburghaus
Yoann Hamonic
Yari Copt
Alan Maag
Enea Auberson
Sean Nguyen
Pascal Duschletta
Sergio Minnici
Lukino Ramelli
Yves Marchon
Tinmar le ouf
and more…