Live Music from TURBONEGRO….

Basque Country – Alain Goikoitxea
France – Sam Partaix
France – Robin Bollian
Italy – Simone Verona
Italy – Ale Mazzara
Italy – Giorgio Zattoni
Netherlands – Daan Van Der Linden
Netherlands – Nassim Guammaz
Netherlands – Nick Bax
Sweden – John Magnusson
Spain – David Sanchez
UK – Ross McGouran
UK – Daryl Dominguez
UK – Jordan Thackery
UK – Josh Young
UK – Kriss Vile
UK – Alex Hallford
UK – Lee Blackwell
UK – Reese Johnson
USA – Trevor Johnson

The infamous CROSSFIRE HALLOWEEN MASSACRE returns to London on Saturday November 1st in association with Vans. Now in its eighth year, the “gnarliest Halloween party in town” will rock House of Vans London – situated in the spooky Old Vic Tunnels, famed for its dark past and crypt like surroundings.
The history of The Crossfire Halloween Massacre and Vans goes back to a boat on the Thames in 2008, where the two brands united for this event for the very first time. 500 people crammed aboard a vessel for the Zombie vs Trailer Trash event, quickly affirming its reputation as one of London’s hottest nights out on Halloween.
Various warehouse parties, skateboard parks and club events continued the legacy, with many being shutdown along the way; Baby Godzilla’s vicious live set at last year’s event made the baying crowd of zombies run riot across the ship, sending them back to the grave a little sooner than expected.
With a theme of DEAD ROCK N’ ROLLERS vs ZOMBIE RIPPER FIENDS, this year’s raucous night of skateboard and music carnage will be headlined by Norwegian deathpunks Turbonegro, alongside some very special guests from the hard-core punk scene; all bands playing special one-off sets exclusively at the House of Vans. 
The Halloween Massacre will also host the biggest bowl riding skateboard jam the UK has seen this year, with a huge purse of 10,000EUR prize money available to both amateur and pro skateboarders from around the world.
This year’s zombie fest will boast a Massacre Art Exhibition in the House of Vans’ gallery, featuring work from seven guest artists whose gore-ridden illustrations will be unveiled on Halloween itself on 31st October, and will be on public view for the following week. The evening of hallowed terror will also host classic horror films throughout the night, with epic zombie movies such as Braindead, Evil Dead, Bad Taste, Night of the Living Dead and more playing in the cinema for those who need a break from the dance floor.

House of Vans London 
is a multi use creative space at the heart of one of the world¹s most inspiring cities. Housing a gallery, cinema, artist¹s studios, music space, diner and a skatepark, the 3,000sqm space champions creativity and is dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and fostering community. Always free and open to all.