Covid vs. Wasted – FDR – 2020

FDR’s 8th annual contest went off last weekend. This one was a special treat being on Halloween and having Andy Roy as guest announcer. This year’s winners were young gun Devin Flynn in first, Jake Wooten in second, Zach Cusano in third, and Jeff Rasp taking best trick.

Words and video by Andrew Metzger. Photos by Glenn Joyce and Los Estrada

Devin Flynn. 540 for the win. Photo: Los Estrada

Zach Cusano. Crailslide. Photo: Los Estrada

Jeff Rasp. Backside crailslide. Photo: Los Estrada

Jake Wooten. Backside lipslide. Photo: Los Estrada

Duck Man. Blunt fakie. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Jake Wooten. Stalefish. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Jeff Rasp. Backside disaster. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Ryan Cardone. Frontside smith grind. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Tyler Yuraszeck. Frontside air. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Zach Cusano. Boneless. Photo: Glenn Joyce

Devin Flynn. Invert. Photo: Glenn Joyce

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